Don't worry if you are not computer savvy. FurnitureFindex has many services available to assist you in loading and advertising your inventory.
  • Bulk inventory upload:

    Have a lot of inventory that would take forever to post to your showroom one-by-one? Have FurnitureFindex's staff programmically post your current inventory in one bulk load!

  • Listing upload and maintenance assistance:

    Want an introductory, person-to-person lesson on how to upload and maintain your showroom listings? FurnitureFindex is here to assist you. When you are ready, just contact us and sign-up.

  • Professional photography services:

    Need professional pictures for each item in your inventory? Inquire about FurnitureFindex's photography services, and increase the likelihood users will view your listing by adding one or more images.

  • Website creation with Embedded Showroom Solution:

    Want to create your own web presence and utilize the Embedded Showroom Solution? Ask FurnitureFindex's web designers for help. We can create a unique look just for you and add you to the growing number of businesses already present on the World Wide Web!

  • Add one-click eCommerce with Embedded Showroom Solution:

    Does your website already have eCommerce? Add FurnitureFindex's one-click eCommerce technology to make access, from your showroom listing to your shopping cart, just one-click away!

  • Company branded listings using Hosted Showroom Solution:

    Make consumers feel confident in the quality and dependability of your sale items. All your listings will be branded with your corporate identity.

  • Home Improvement and Services Directory advertising:

    Make it easy for users to find professional help, and add your company to FurnitureFindex's Home Improvement and Services Directory. After finding a listing they want to purchase in your showroom, users are more likely to choose a recommended service from our directory, than to outsource and search another website.

  • Banner advertising on FurnitureFindex:

    Get your company advertised throughout the FurnitureFindex website. Check out the following template to see which placement or size best suits you:

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